Breaking Free by Author Frank Viola


     Dear reader, do you wish to be set free from the laming influence of the institutional church? Do you want to be unleashed from the choke-hold of the performance-based clergy system? Are you tired of being a mute spectator in God’s house? Do you wish to become a full participant in a living expression of the Body of Christ?

     If you’re answer is yes, you have but one thing to do. Leave that ill-fated system! Unchain yourself from the mitres and staffs of the modern papists! Loose yourself from the current morass of institutional Christianity with its violations of the priesthood of all believers and the hegemony of unbiblical church officers! Carve out a new path for your spiritual life and walk out!

     But that’s only half the solution.

     You must then find an authentic body of believers that’s genuinely recovering the priesthood of all believers in their midst. Not in a doctrinal way. Not in theory. But in reality—and in practice.

     Such groups have, with much sweat and blood, set out to recover the primitive vision of the early church that has been lost by the organizational mandates of the modern religious system.

     In finding such a church will you know the joy (and earned sweat) of having the entire responsibility of church affairs rest on your shoulders. You will know the beauty of every-member functioning. You will also touch the depths of the awe-inspiring creativity that’s resident in the Bride of Christ.

     If you can’t find such a group of believers, then move where you can be part of one. If circumstances prevent this, then look for a proven, tested Christian worker who will plant such a church in your town.


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