Author Frank Viola’s New Book

Author Frank Viola has written 14 books since 2005. Several of the books are part of the ReChurch series where Viola sketches out a new paradigm for church.

Other titles treat Jesus studies and deeper Christian life themes.

Reimagining Church and Pagan Christianity, both released in 2008, are part of the ReChurch series.

From Eternity to Here and Jesus Manifesto are part of the Jesus studies series.

Revise Us Again and God’s Favorite Place on Earth are part of the deeper Christian life series.

Author Frank Viola’s “life work” as he calls it is the new book, God’s Favorite Place on Earth.

This book mixes fiction with non fiction. Viola usually writes non fiction, but the author wanted to add fiction to this new work.

The story is told from the perspective of Lazarus.

You can learn more at under Author Frank Viola.


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